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Florida's "Liquor Wall" survives

Walls have been the subject of political conversations for decades. Back in the mid-eighties, former President Ronald Reagan implored Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down that wall.” During his campaign and in the early days of his presidency, Donald Trump promises to, “Build that wall.”

Florida also has a proposed wall. It is popularly referred to as the “liquor wall” that keeps sales of spirits in liquor stores.

Four Estate Planning Mistakes To Avoid In A Second Marriage

A second marriage is a time for a new beginning. Even so, many individuals who remarry are likely to bring children from a prior marriage to the relationship, as well as financial obligations. These factors can complicate estate planning and what happens to your assets and property after your death. This is a time to enjoy your new marriage, but also a time to be responsible when it comes to estate planning.

The first mistake to avoid is failing to update wills, living wills and other documents, including the beneficiaries listed on insurance policies and other accounts. If and when you should need someone to make medical decisions for you and you want it to be your spouse, this change should be made.

Locking horns over a trademark

In December of last year, The End, a trendy Brooklyn café located in New York City's Williamsburg neighborhood, created yet another beverage in their long line of healthy drinks. They saw potential in a drink made with a litany of natural ingredients (dates, ginger root, cashews, dried maca root, vanilla bean, and blue-green algae) cloaked in a colorful pink and blue appearance.

The following month, Montauk Juice Factory, their parent company, applied to trademark the “Unicorn Latte” in January.

Another day. Another airline controversy.

As an industry, commercial aviation is taking a beating.

Airlines are not the only one on the receiving end of a pummeling. The most recent public relations disaster captured by the always-handy smart phone involves a brawl that undermined another carrier’s reputation, not to mention their employees’ well being. Only, this time, the controversy involved Spirit Airlines, a company whose slogan promises, “Less Money. More Go.”

A real estate drama spanning two continents

Being a Russian oligarch is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

In fact, two native billionaires are involved in a serious, “soap-operatic” dispute. The trans-continental intrigue involves a friend of Vladimir Putin and an ex-partner thousands of miles away in a Moscow jail. The story has twists and turns that involves money and betrayal with a little infidelity sprinkled in for good measure.

Hard-copy wills that exist and persist in a paperless society

A slight majority of Americans have not drafted their wills, according to a 2016 Gallup poll that put the number at 56 percent. While it shows an uptick from a Harris Poll in 2015 at 64 percent, over half do not have the formal document. Even more alarming, financial professionals claim that a number of those wills are old and likely outdated.

So, why aren’t more Americans writing or updating their wills? Common answers or excuses range from facing the reality of death to the process being highly emotional. Yet, taking away all those factors still does not remove the challenges of a legal and technically complex process in drafting and revising these specific estate planning documents.

Are real estate sales in Palm Beach being “trumped?”

Campaign stops from presidential candidate Donald Trump once brought excitement from people attending en masse. Not even 100 days into the Trump presidency, Palm Beach is already feeling the effects of his frequent appearances.

Presidential visits bring inherent disruptions anywhere in country. However, the normally refined pace of Palm Beach life is in chaos with residents unaccustomed to road closures, traffic jams, and legions of armed security guards, journalists and gawkers.

Is the business of air travel bad for the business of airlines?

By now, the story of United Airlines versus David Dao has permeated the public consciousness with Facebook posts, tweets, memes, and endless news coverage. Millions have watched the viral videos taken by the Kentucky doctor’s fellow passengers. Footage documented his refusal to leave an airplane and his subsequent and violent removal.

It all started when United had asked for volunteers to deplane the “overbooked” flight so four crewmembers could get to Kentucky for a connecting flight. After money and a hotel stay did not entice them, a computer selected four passengers, including Dao.

What to expect financially when you're expecting

The last thing expectant spouses expect while anticipating the birth of their child is planning that goes beyond the décor of the nursery. However, taking proactive steps can help lessen the impact of increased expenses and plan for a financially secure future.

No Crying Over Cost Controls

Another brick out of the “Liquor Wall”

While prohibition ended in 1933, a different kind of ban in Florida has continued since the Great Depression. Liquor sold in the Sunshine State cannot share shelves with groceries and other retail goods.

While the effort towards the building of “a wall” rises, the “Liquor Wall” may come tumbling down. Two bills are working their way through both houses of the Florida legislature.


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