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What are the types of construction defects?

For many people, a home is more than just a structure: It is a place to relax, have fun and make memories. But for those who own homes that have construction defects, home can be much more of a headache.

A construction defect is generally a deficiency in the design, planning, or construction of a home or building. If the home was constructed in a way that fails to perform in the manner intended by the buyer, or if the home was not built in a workmanlike manner, the result could be a serious construction defect.

What is considered a construction defect?

There are several types of construction defects, including structural integrity, mechanical and electrical issues, water intrusion, thermal protection and flaws in doors and windows. The court system categorizes construction defects into four different categories:

  • Design deficiencies

A design deficiency occurs when a design professional like an architect or an engineer does not do the work as specified. If a roof is designed inadequately, for example, it could lead to water damage or structural issues.

  • Material deficiencies

When inferior materials are used in construction, they can lead to material deficiencies. An example of a material deficiency is the use of inferior drywall that could lead to water penetration.

  • Construction deficiencies

The shoddy construction of a home could lead to significant construction deficiencies. These can include cracks in the foundation, faulty wiring or bad plumbing.

  • Subsurface deficiencies

If a building’s foundation is not solid, it could be considered a subsurface deficiency. These defects could cause shifting, flooding, and even landslides.

Construction defects are a nuisance, but you do not have to put up with them. If your house has construction deficiencies, you can contact an attorney at Liberis Law Firm to advocate for your legal rights.

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