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Trusts & Wills Attorney in Pensacola, Florida

The Objective Is to Own Nothing and Control Everything

Probate is a costly and time-consuming process. A trust can help you avoid probate court, provide structure and protect your family by keeping your issues out of court.

Liberis Law Firm, PA in Pensacola will help you plan for the future by handling all of your estate planning needs. One of the most beneficial documents to have in your estate plan is a trust. What type of trust do you need? Our attorneys will evaluate your situation and get to know you and understand your goals to make a recommendation that will protect you the most.

Our firm can help you prepare:

  • Revocable trust

  • Irrevocable trust

  • Offshore trust

  • Asset protection trust

  • Special needs trust

Tailored Services Based on Your Goals

We will evaluate your individual, family and business needs to determine which type of trust offers the most protection. High net worth individuals and families need to prepare for the future. Offshore trusts and asset protection plans are often some of the best ways to protect and preserve your legacy.

Learn About Your Options

Our lawyers can answer your questions and provide sound legal advice to ensure your family and assets are protected. Learn more about our estate planning services and how we can help you create a comprehensive plan to protect your future by visiting our estate planning page.

We are committed to helping you and your loved ones understand the benefits of having a trust. Learn about the types of trusts available and what steps to take to protect your interests by arranging a consultation. Contact us.

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A will offers lasting protection for your family in the event of your death or incapacitation. At Liberis Law Firm, PA, we will help you prepare or revise your will to offer the best protection.

Your net worth does not matter when it comes to having a will. Everyone needs a will to ensure their wishes are honored and carried out accordingly. A will also makes sure any minor children have a guardian you trusted enough to name.

What to Include in Your Will

We will help you create a will that will provide financial security for your family and peace of mind for you. We can address what needs to be included in your will, including provisions for who will look after your children and how your assets should be distributed.

We will also help you evaluate your need to include other documents to provide the most protection. These documents may include a living will, medical directive and power of attorney. You may also want to consider having a trust to help you avoid probate and provide more financial protection for your loved ones.

Our law firm is committed to helping individuals and families in Pensacola and along the Gulf Coast in Florida with all estate planning needs. Our goal is to give you confidence that your loved ones will be properly taken care of after you are gone or if you are incapacitated.

Are You Prepared? Contact Us for Guidance.

Our lawyers have decades of experience. We will walk you through the process, answer your questions and help you protect your loved ones with a properly drafted will. Let us explore your options and help you get started with a plan tailored to your specific needs.