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Getting the Most out Of Real Estate Agents

Charles S. Liberis Nov. 8, 2017

The real estate hustle can be a daunting prospect for any buyer. Although you might be an expert in the inner workings of your own industry or profession, the problem is that the real estate industry is most likely an entirely different ballgame. There is a certain unwritten code of conduct that must be obeyed when dealing with real estate agents and brokers that should be learned.

Agents almost always work for commission

It is very rare for a real estate agent to receive only a steady salary without commission. Therefore, it's important to remember that their commission and sealing a deal is what makes their living.

Choose an agent and stick with your decision

You must first decide whether you want to deal directly with the listing agents that are selling the homes, or if you want to hire your own buying agent. If you want to hire a buying agent, you should go through an interviewing process. It is advisable to avoid interviewing two different buying agents at the same company in order to avoid conflicts, however.

Always sign an agreement with your real estate agent

It's all too easy to roll with the good vibe you got from a real estate agent and go ahead with only a verbal agreement. However, it is the law for agents to present a legal disclosure for you to sign before you start working together.

Finding the right real estate agent can be crucial to making a wise real estate investment and avoiding difficult circumstances. Make sure to do your research before signing a contract.