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Orlando: What’s in a Name?

Charles S. Liberis Sept. 2, 2017

Orlando is a popular destination for travelers. Apparently, the name of the city itself is enticing. So much so, other airports have taken on the name to bolster their business.

Apparently, the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority has a problem with the Melbourne-based Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

Frank Kruppenbacher, chairman of the GOAA claims that they are merely protecting the consumer and the brand. He cites a rally for then-presidential candidate Donald Trump held at the Melbourne airport where confused protestors showed up at Orlando International. Melbourne airport officials dispute the claim.

Six years ago, the Melbourne airport started using “Orlando” in their marketing campaign that featured the city's name on the back of seats of US Airways and Delta Air Lines flights. The success of the initiative saw the growth of internet “click-throughs” by 1,000 percent. They remain committed to their “geographic identifier” in an era of search engine optimization and believe airports should pull together.

MCO is also taking issue with Melbourne's use of “beachside” in their reference to Beachside Orlando, a term used since 2000. They also have Seminole County's Orlando Sanford International in their crosshairs over the airport wanting to trademark their name.

Melbourne notes that the GOAA's stance is hypocritical at best. It hypes Port Canaveral as “Orlando's Port,” in their marketing in spite of its Cape Canaveral location in Brevard County.

The only issue that the two sides have found agreement on is the location of the special meeting. Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral will serve as their neutral ground.