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Shoppers expected to spend a lot on Halloween this year


Halloween is just about a month away. Among the things preparing for this holiday involves for many is shopping. There are many types of purchases people make in connection to the Halloween season. This includes candy, decorations and costumes. A recent study indicates that Halloween-related spending might be particularly high this year among American consumers.

The study, a National Research Federation and Prosper Insights and Analytics study, predicted that Halloween-related spending here in the U.S. will hit around $9.1 billion this year. If this prediction is met, 2017 would have the highest Halloween spending total of any year on record.

As this underscores, the Halloween season can be a major sales time for retailers. What actions a retailer takes to prepare for a high-sales time of the year can impact how much in sales and business they ultimately enjoy during that time.

One of the things that can be impactful as a company is getting ready for a high-sales time of year is what steps it takes to attract customers. What things would you recommend for businesses when it comes to attracting Halloween shoppers?

Another preparation that can be impactful is how a retailer addresses things that could get in the way of it getting to take full advantage of a high-sales time of year. Among the things that business owners might be concerned could have such an effect are complicated legal matters, such as legal disputes, that have come up for their business.

For example, they might be concerned that a given legal matter could disrupt their business’ operations. Business lawyers can advise retailers that are dealing with complex legal issues on what steps they can take to try to keep the issues from negatively impacting their goals, including their goals related to taking advantage of high-sales times of year.

Another concern a retail business owner may have related to a complicated legal matter is that it will take up all their attention, leaving them unable to focus on things like drawing in customers during high-sales times of the year. Having a skilled business attorney’s help with their company’s legal issues could give a business owner peace of mind that such issues are being handled properly. This could free them up to stay focused on making their company as successful as possible.

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