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Zealous Representation In Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation requires attorneys who understands all the complex issues that may arise in a case. Our lawyers have extensive litigation experience and know how to protect your interests.

Litigation is not is every firm's wheelhouse. At Libers Law Firm, we pride ourselves on having the experience necessary to handling both complex and simple real estate litigation in Florida and along the Gulf Coast. Our goal is to find the fastest way to solve your problem because we know how it can impact your entire life.

Resolving Real Estate Disputes

Disputes and disagreements arise in even the most well-prepared transactions. We will guide you through your options to find the best resolution. We assist with real estate litigation involving all types of disputes, including:

  • Contract and sales disputes
  • Construction issues
  • Agreement defaults
  • Subdivision and condominium disputes
  • Property line issues

We also work closely with title insurance companies on claims, which means we understand the unique issues that may arise and how to resolve them.

We understand the latest real estate trends. Attorney Charles S. Liberis is a lifelong resident of Pensacola. He is involved in the community and has in-depth knowledge of real estate changes and the market.

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